Important information regarding the Bulk Checker Pro chrome extension by asinzen

Hi there, this is Nick from asinzen.

As you might be aware the Bulk Checker Pro extension has not been the most stable tool with limitations as a chrome extension. Several months ago, we decided to revamp the app and we have finally released a stable beta version new app called the Bulk Scan Pro. Since our team is focusing on this new app, development on the Bulk Checker Pro extension will not be possible. Therefore, we have made the hard decision to decommission the Bulk Checker Pro chrome extension.

We anticipate decommissioning the Bulk Checker Pro servers on or around February 1st, 2022. If you have an active monthly subscription, it will be automatically terminated on January 1st and you will not be billed for February 2022.

We understand this is a big inconvenience and may impact your business workflow therefore we are available to do a one-on-one zoom call to walk you through the process of transitioning from the Bulk Checker Pro to the Bulk Scan Pro app. To schedule a time with us please go to this link here .

Since you’ve been a loyal customer, we have grandfathered you to the Wholesale Analyzer module inside Bulk Scan Pro at a special price of $39.95 per month (regularly priced at $59.95). This grandfathered price includes access to both the web and desktop app of the software as well as all future updates. During the BETA phase, you may use the app as much as you would like free of charge.

To get started using the Bulk Scan Pro please go to this link to download and install the desktop app version of the software. Below we have put together a quick FAQ to help answer some of the questions you might have.

If you have additional questions or concerns click here to talk directly with me or one of my team members.


asinzen co-founder


Q: What are the major differences between the Bulk Checker Pro Extension and the Bulk Scan Pro App?

Below we outline the major differences between the two platforms :

  • Being able to upload large lists and queue them for being processed.
  • Having results are stored on our secure servers
  • Jobs run on our server
  • More data points return with an auto un-gating feature to request un-gating on your behalf for ASIN’s
  • Filter data on a table using Power filters
  • Creating Job templates
  • Sub-account management with roles
  • Manage your products using folders
  • Create job automation
  • Much more..

Q: I don’t want to use a desktop app. When will the web version be available?

The web version will be 100% function in early 2022

Q: How many jobs and how fast is the tool?

Bulk Scan Pro currently will allow 1 job at a time with multi-job support being added in the near future. Depending on the data points 1 second to 10 seconds per ASIN.

Q: After the BETA is the subscription monthly or yearly?

Currently, it is monthly. Annual plans with a discounted price will be introduced later in 2022. Your account will still be grandfathered with the discounted price.

Q: I am happy with the Bulk Checker Pro extension can I keep it instead of using Bulk Scan Pro?

Unfortunately, we are unable to maintain both services so we need to turn the Bulk Checker Pro extension off.

Q: The price difference between the extensions and the app is a problem for me do you have a lower cost plan?

We have tried to keep the cost of the software as low as possible to make it accessible as possible. Bear in mind the Bulk Scan Pro is packed with features and various Keepa data that otherwise costs money to get. At $39.95 it is heavily discounted, but if your still having issues with the price please reach out to us and we’ll see how we can help.